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HAPPY SPRING EVERYONE!  It's APRIL and time to head to OHIO for 
Early Country Antiques and Primitive Goods Show
 SATURDAY  APRIL 28,  2018 
9:00 ~ 3:00
I'm thrilled to be joining this show! I'm also having fun planning my booth. Below is a list of many items I'll be offering for sale in booth 29. If you have any questions, by all means call me at home ~ 630-985-9449 or email

FURNITURE; all dating from late 1700's ~ 1850
Painted one door cupboard, with open top, curved shelves, a nice small size
Painted free standing corner shelves
Free standing shelves, this was originally a built in, rose head nail construction! 
Small bucket bench with great well used surface
All of the above pieces together make a wonderful buttry wall! 
Small one door Hanging cupboard with tombstone top, very early dark surface
Stepback bucket bench
WHALE TAIL free standing shelves in early attic surface, 7' tall
Painted sawbuck table 
Simple, primitive Hired mans bed
Arm chair with makedo seat covers
Large, comfortable, period wing chair recently reupholstered 

Linsey woolsey quilt
Cotton homespun quilt
Linsey chair pads Ex Helen Marlar
Treenware bowls, plates, and buckets
Baskets, splint and rye
Spoonrack with early pewter spoons
Wall box 
Bread boards
Game board that was also used as a bread board
18th C tallow candles
Leather bound books
Oil painting
Peg racks
Small, Early hooded doll cradle, complete with early linsey quilt and early linen covered mattress
And from our garden, a few simple homespun country wreaths ~ no 2 alike! 

I'm truly looking forward to getting there!
See you soon in Booth 29! 
Safe travels everyone,



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