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Hello from Downers Grove, Illinois,
It was wonderful to see so many friends out enjoying the Amish countryside in Illinois AND the antique shows this past weekend! Thanks to all of you who attended! 
When I arrived back home, It was also great to see these winter aconites blooming next to our little barn!!!! We still have a lot of snow here, but the thaw continues! ????
I realize it’s a month away, but I’m already looking forward to seeing some of you on April 11, at the MIDWEST ANTIQUE SHOW AND COLLECTORS FAIR in Cedar Rapids, Iowa as well as SIMPLE GOODS in Berlin, Ohio.  I get a real kick out of planning different displays for each and every show I get to do, so I hope you’ll venture out to have a look! Each show is different and LOTS OF FUN!!! 
I do not sell directly from my website, but I always try to provide a list of items that will be available for purchase at each show. ALSO, if you’re looking for anything in particular, please let me know, I may just have one! 
Happy spring, 





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