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A big thank you to all who participated and attendedd ANTIQUES AT THE CABIN. The weather cooperated, everyone had a good time and we're already talking about repeating the show next year. 

DAYS OF THE PIONEER show and sale at the beautiful Museum of Appalachia is my ext show on September 14, and 15. This will be the seventh "DOP" and each one gets better and better. If you've never been there, you should treat yourself because it truly is an amazing venue and collection of exhibitors. 

Take a look at the following list of antiques going with me to Clinton, TN next week! I'll be eager to put this booth together for all of you to see at Days of the Pioneer. I have been saving things for this show since last February! Come on up to the first booth in the shed closest to the show entrance for an early look. I'll be there looking for you. 

An early reverse engraved board with horses and trees, nearly 8 feet long!! 
A smokehouse table made from a log with the best dark surface! 
A slab table bleached from years of scrubbing with lye soap 
A tall 6 board/sugar chest with leather knife holster, attic surface
A camp table 6' long! 
A cobblers bench 
A ladies settle chair
A New England arm chair with a splint seat
A weathered hornbeam
Two mortars and pestles (one deassessioned from a New England museum) 
A three legged chopping table
Two small primitive side tables
A plate rack
Peg racks
Boot and shoe makers accessories and a sign
Treenware bowls and plates
A fabulous primitive lift top settle bench!! 
A brown linsey woolsey quilt 
A painted corner set of shelves
Baskets......4 made by the same hand! 
Two sets of drawers, one painted 
AND so much MORE! 

As they say in TN, see ya'll soon,

Mark your calendars now for our 10th Anniversary of CHRISTMAS IN THE CABIN

Mary - 630-985-9449 



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