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Hello friends and collectors,  
If you’re reading the trade papers, you know that online auctions are bringing prices that are out of this world! 
BUT.....If you’re looking forward to attending the real live COUNTRY SPIRIT SHOW in Arcola, Illinois on March 5, and 6, the offerings will be exceptional with reasonable prices! Nothing can compare to a real live show! 
Because the Heart of Tennessee show I normally do was canceled, I’ve had lots of extra time planning a booth that will be fun and filled with a wide variety of early, rural, American antiques. I hope you’ll stop by and take a look! I miss you all and look forward to seeing you soon!! ????
List of some items going to ARCOLA, ILLINOIS If you have a question about anything you see on the list, send me an email.
Two sorting benches 
Hanging corner shelf for a candlestick 
Freestanding set of corner shelves 
Arm chair
Small settle chair 
Long bench 
Open settle type bench 
Hanging shelves ~ large and small 
Early ironing boards 
Baskets ~ large and small 
Breadboards ~ extra large and small! 
Treenware plates, bowls, and containers 
Bottles Stoneware 
Wall boxes 
Foot stools 
Mary de Buhr 
If you’re looking for anything in particular and you don’t see it on the list, send me an email, I may just have it! 





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